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    BITWISE (THAILAND) CO., LTD. was established in  September  1988,  and subsequently,  the first production of single model Ceiling/Floor Mounted air-conditioner unit,  commenced  on  15th  March 1989, with a workforce of 30 employees.
    With 300  Million  Baht  Capital Registered,  today, BW employs  a total  staff  of  500 with  40 of them as  engineers and technicians,  has successfully developed  a  complete  range  of   air-conditioner product ,  covering   Wall-Mounted ,   Floor/Ceiling Mounted , Floor Standing Package ,  Air Handling, Concealed, Portable and Cassette Unit.
    Besides  selling  the  products locally,  BW is  also exporting  worldwide  under its own  brand name  and O.E.M.  to countries  like  Europe,  South/Central American,  Middle-East,  Asia,  South  Africa Russia  and Australia.
    In order  to fulfil the  ever-growing local  and  world-wide demand  for  better quality and more efficient air-conditioners, BW had in the past, invested huge sum in the purchase of advanced technology Production and  Testing  equipments, such as,  CNC  Machines, Programmable  Shearing  and  Bending Machines,  Automatic  Surface  Mounted  Machines,  Wave-Soldering  Machines,  Circuit  Tester,  Noise  Interference Simulator, and will continue to do so in the future.
    In  addition  to manufacturing of  air conditioner products, BW also diversifies  its business  activities  into the  manufacturing  of  telephone  booths, lighting  accessories, electronic  controllers  and  mechanical / electrical products according to customers specifications and designs.
    BW is fully committed to develop more new  products which are better energy efficient and environmental friendly to meet  the  customer needs, and most  importantly, to play a part in  marking  the world  a better place to live for mankind.
    All BW products conform to European Union Directives to guarantee safety (CE).
    ISO 9001 system certification was registered under UL, including ISO 14001 and ISO 18001.
    High quality  standards  for  manufactures  depend von  efficient  and  up-to-date  technology. In  order  to build BWH according  to standards  that  are universally  acceptable,  the company  has  from  the  outset, made  it  a  policy to be continually in search of new technology and know-how. At the factory, state-of-the-art  equipments such  as  FIN PRESS machine,  HAIR  PIN  BENDER MACHINE,  AUTOMATIC  BRAZING MACHINE, are extensively used to ensure precision and accuracy at every stage of production.
    Customers  are assured  that the qualities of all  BWH products  are on par with the most popular brands on the world market.
    Bitwise  Heat Exchanger  CO., Ltd. emphasizes quality  control,  starting  from  the design process, which makes  use of  modern, computer-aided  devices. Production is computer  controlled  at each stage, and quality  controls  are  in  place   throughout   the  production  process,   beginning  with  the  arrival  of  raw  materials. Finished products are tested to ensure  they  conform to the desired standards before leaving the factory.
    In order to maintain these procedures, employees must  be well trained in  their respective tasks, with an overview of  the  whole production  process. This is a key element in  the success of  the company  today, making certain that all workers are adequately trained.
    Shanghai   Bitwise   Electric   Motor  &   Appliances  Co.,Ltd. was   established  in  September  1999.  The company  is  located  in  Shanghai  Minhang  Jiangchuan  Economic  Development Zone. The factory site area  is about  13,000sq meter  with built-up area over 6,800sq meter. The company is wholely owned by Bitwise  (Thailand)  Co., Ltd.  The  factory  is  situated   in  country-side  eco  environment.  Production   is equipped  with  up-to-date  machines  coupled  with  advanced  technology  for  resin  packed  motor and electronic   device  production. The  company   has   about  420  employees   which  consist  of  14  highly qualified engineering  staff  including one  Ph.D. Shanghai  Bitwise is  also an electronics manufacturing services (EMS) company. SHBW offers Resin Packed motors, micro electronic assembly and packaging services  for  world   class  electronics  original  equipment  manufacturers (OEMs). Shanghai  Bitwise  is equipped   with   latest   manufacturing   equipments.  Our  committed   management   team   and   highly discipline  work  force  are  to  provide  cost  effective, high quality  excellent  manufacturing  services. The company  has  been certified  to  ISO 9001:2000  and  obtained  C.E. and  CCC  certifications. Part  of  the customized products were UL recognized.
    Our domestic customers are Gree , TCL , Toyo , Shanghai  Shining , Shuanglu , Yangzi , Shanghai Soyea and DayBreak etc.
    Overseas  customers include  Dunham-Bush  Topaire and  O.Y.L of Malaysia, Marley of  U.S.A,  Truma of Germany  and  P.T. Perintis of  Indonesia. The  production  capacity of  resin  packed motor  is  about  4.5 million per annum whereas PCB production can achieve over 2 million sets per annum.
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